CITE’s Privacy Services Turns THREE!

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Unlocking Data Privacy: A Closer Look at CITE’s Privacy Services Program and How Far it’s Come

During April CITE is celebrating the three-year anniversary of saving Local Education Agencies (LEAs) hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars through its first full-service program, Privacy Services. Privacy Services provides LEAs a full-service Student Data Privacy Contract management service.

Privacy Services History

The passage of education code 49073.1 created a heavy burden for LEAs. The law required the LEA to ensure that any app collecting student data being used by the LEA is compliant with the law. This meant that every contract had to include a data privacy component. CITE created resources to help LEAs with this process and hired Libbi Nelson, Director of Resource & Service Programs, to work with the LEAs. Libbi worked with our legal partner, F3 Law and other organizations nationwide to develop a National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) with specific exhibits for California law. This enabled LEAs to “piggyback” off agreements for managing and negotiating Data Privacy Agreements (DPAs) already signed without negotiation.

Libbi soon realized that even with the NDPA, LEAs were overwhelmed with ensuring the growing number of apps used in the classroom were compliant with State and Federal Student Data Privacy laws. In response, the CITE Board of Directors approved a business plan to create a full-service program for CITE members. In the summer of 2020, Libbi recruited a small group of LEAs to pilot the program. The pilot was successful and Heather Mogavero, Service Programs Manager, was brought on board to support the program. It was fully launched to all California LEAs on April 1, 2021.

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The pilot began with 16 LEAs and one dedicated staff member and program oversight from Libbi. Over the last three years, Privacy Services has seen tremendous growth. Today, 181 LEAs are enrolled in the program, a team of six staff members provides “white glove” service to users, and over 2600 Originating Agreements have been signed. In addition, CITE identified the opportunity to create our own database, the Privacy Services Portal, to allow users visibility into the status of their requests. We contracted a developer and the Privacy Services Portal was launched in January 2023. In the portal, users can request CITE staff work with a vendor that has not yet signed the data privacy agreement, look up the status of current agreements, electronically sign the agreements, and more.

What Is CITE’s Privacy Services Program?

Privacy Services offers a comprehensive solution for managing and negotiating DPAs. The program includes:

  • DPA Management: LEAs use a multitude of apps, each requiring a DPA. Our program takes care of the heavy lifting by managing and negotiating these agreements for you. We also track expirations and automatically send out renewals.
  • Dedicated Technician: Say hello to your personal privacy champion. Our dedicated technicians ensure smooth DPA management, answer your queries, and provide one-on-one support. Contract Negotiations: We negotiate the contracts with vendors and their attorneys to ensure that your interests are protected without adding legal fees.
  • Customized Portal: Access our user-friendly portal for streamlined contract management. Submit vetting requests, track progress, and foster transparency for a district's stakeholders. Affordable Pricing: We believe data privacy shouldn’t break the bank. Our program offers cost-effective solutions for LEAs, including discounts for CITE members! Meet the Team Behind Privacy Services

Staff HeadshotsHeather Mogavero: Service Programs Manager

Max Rothfeld: Program Support Technician

Justin Wilkins: Program Support Technician

Erin Clancy: Contracts Specialist II

Melissa Braden: Contracts Specialist

Libbi Nelson: Director of Resource & Service Programs

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Let’s safeguard student data together! CITE’s Privacy Services Program empowers stakeholders to protect student privacy effectively. Let’s build a safer digital learning environment for all! πŸŒπŸ”’πŸ“š