Technical Review Program

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Technical Review Program

California IT in Education (CITE) provides California school districts with a Technology Review Program (formerly JET Program) to perform evaluations of LEA’s technology and educational technology departments.

CITE’s members are the IT Professionals working in schools. These individuals have the responsibility for the use of technology throughout their organizations and therefore understand the whole organization. Many members have also done work in the educational technology field.

Our review teams are experienced, professional, and qualified to help districts evaluate their technology needs. They are working professionals in California schools with the knowledge needed to guide districts in the best practices for the use of technology in their organizations.

Review Team

CITE will recruit two individuals who are currently working in California Schools. For larger reviews, the team will be bigger. These individuals will be the review team (Team). In addition, CITE staff may accompany the Team onsite and will assist with the creation, modification, and presentation of the final report. Individuals recruited for the team are vetted by CITE to ensure they have the correct experience and availability to perform the review.

Qualifications for the individuals on a Team include:

  • 5 or more years in a leadership role in a California school or county office of education that is related to technology and/or education technology.
  • Documented training completed with CITE demonstrating competence in educational and/or IT technology.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Compliant with California Education Code 45125.1.

Services Provided and LEA Responsibilities

The services provided are decided upon by the LEA, the Review Team and LEA Staff based on the needs of the LEA. Some services are standard and are performed to ensure a thorough review process.

  • Data Collection and Analysis. Upon signing a contract, we’ll begin data collection and analysis immediately.
  • Assemble the Team. We will engage appropriate external consultants to provide in-depth technical and organizational expertise. CITE staff will also participate in meetings and interviews. 
  • Interviews. The team will conduct interviews with district staff including Executive Cabinet, IT Department Technology Department staff, site principals, and other staff identified.
  • Report Creation and Presentation. The team will draft a report with initial findings to clarify any questions or concerns. The report will include recommendations and resources relevant to the findings. A final report will be delivered by a mutually agreed-upon date. If the district requests a presentation to the Board of Education, we will include this in the schedule.

District Responsibilities:

  • Provide adequate meeting space for onsite interviews.
  • Provide access to the staff required for interviews which will include the Superintendent, Cabinet, IT staff, Educational Technology/Curriculum staff, teachers, students, and others.
  • Provide documentation such as but not limited to organizational charts, job descriptions, workflows and process documentation, copies of technology plans, infrastructure documentation, plans, and policies.
  • The district’s administration will review a draft copy of the report resulting from the review. Any comments regarding the accuracy of the report or the recommendations will be reviewed with the team prior to the completion of the final report.
  • The district will ensure compliance with EC 45125(c).

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