Annual CITE Conference

The Annual Conference is CITE's biggest event of the year, and one you won't want to miss! 

Attendees of the CITE conference support all facets of IT including CTOs and Directors of Technology, Network Managers and Engineers, Data Base Administrators, Support, and Technicians. We also attract Classroom Teacher, Administrators, and District and County Superintendents. All of these groups converge to share ideas and information and find out the latest, best technology tools to help improve teaching, learning and administration. In addition, we have an impressive list of exhibitors and vendors providing the latest products and services. Anyone interested in the effective use of technology in schools is welcome!

This is the conference that will help you learn the best practices and the things to avoid if you are starting a new project, doing research or trying to connect better with your colleagues. Networking opportunities are plentiful and encouraged. With all aspects of the conference included in registration, it is an affordable and valuable professional learning event.

Upcoming Conference Dates & Locations


Long Beach Convention Center

November 29-December 2

Registration is open! Learn more about the 2022 CITE Conference


Sacramento Convention Center


San Diego Convention Center

Past Conference Information


Sacramento Convention Center




Anaheim Convention Center


Sacramento Convention Center


Pasadena Convention Center


Sacramento Convention Center


San Diego Convention Center