TMAP Program Explained

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Learning is in session!

The Technology Management Advancement Program (TMAP) is now in full swing!Image from TMAP kickoff activity

What is TMAP you ask? TMAP is a professional development course designed for individuals who are new to K-12 IT management or experienced managers who want to enhance their knowledge of K12 systems, policies, and approaches to real-world scenarios. Experienced K-12 IT leaders from California facilitate the classes, with many of them having over 15 years of experience in the field. 

Apart from providing foundational knowledge on K12 technology administration and managerial approaches, TMAP focuses on strengthening business writing skills through situational analysis and self-reflection. Presentations and active class participation are integral components of the program.

Image from TMAP Kickoff ActivityTMAP also serves as a platform for connecting with peers in other Districts/LEAs. Graduates can exchange ideas and discuss potential solutions to problems they may be experiencing in their district on a private TMAP online community. With every graduating cohort class, the community grows, and so does your network. 

Last but not least, TMAP serves as a bridge to the CTO Mentor (CTOM) Program. While completing TMAP is not mandatory to be eligible for the CTOM Program, TMAP will equip you with foundational knowledge that will be valuable in the Program!

TMAP is expanding from two to three cohorts a year, with upcoming locations in Central Valley this summer! if you're interested in learning more about the program, click the link below for further details.

Learn More About TMAP

The next TMAP session commences on May 16, 2024!