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May Member Spotlight

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Christopher is the Network Manager at Victor Valley Union High School District. He was kind enough to tell us a little bit about himself, his background, and his experience as a CITE member.

How long have you been in your current role and how did you get there?

"Two years. I started as a technician at Apple Valley Unified School District and completed my Bachelor of Science and multiple certifications while I was there. I started getting to know the other K12 IT professionals in my area thanks to our CITE regional group, and eventually saw a neighboring district hiring a new Network Manager. I applied and got the job!"

How long have you been a CITE member? What is your favorite memory from a CITE event?

"I've been a CITE member since 2015. Graduating from the Chief Technology Officer Mentorship program with cohort 16 (The Fantastic 4X4!) at the Conference in 2022 is definitely my favorite memory. Getting to spend a year learning, growing, and engaging with other K12 technology leaders was inspirational to me!"

What do you do in your limited free time?

"I love doing anything that gets me away from a desk and outside in the sun. Gardening, off-roading, camping, hanging in the pool, etc. I've also been a musician since I was a child and love connecting with other local musicians. You might even find me on a stage in our area on occasion."

Are there any special shoutouts you'd like to give to someone in your life of the CITE Community who has made a special impact on you?

"Huge thank you to Jason Buchanan, Greg Taylor, and Dave Bertelsen, who have all been leaders and mentors to me. Their years of dedication to their communities are inspiring. Also, I must thank my wife and kids, as they have supported me through the many goals and changes in my life, and given me the purpose and resolve necessary to keep moving forward."

If someone is intimidated or reluctant to get involved with CITE, what advice would you give them?

"Remember that courage is not the absence of fear, but the choice to move through the fear toward your goal regardless of the knots in your stomach. Just do it. Connect with people that are facing the same challenges you are. You'll probably find that you have much more in common than you expected!"

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