CTOM Informational Webinar Recap

Posted By: Rosie Talcott CITE News,

The CTO Mentor Program is now accepting applications for the 2025 cohort. Aspiring or current CTOs are encouraged to apply.

The CTOM Program was started in 2006 to create qualified CTOs within California K-12 schools. The program seeks to inform Superintendents and District Leaders of the importance of a cabinet-level CTO position and to produce cabinet-worthy CTOs.

Participants in the program attend classes covering a broad range of education, leadership, and technology topics. By the end of the program, candidates are prepared to discuss their district's LCAP with administrators, learning theory with teachers, financial know-how with their CBO, and provide meaningful team experiences with their subordinates. Each month, candidates complete rigorous assignments directly tied to their day-to-day jobs, such as writing memos, presenting complex information, and developing new processes. For a complete list of class topics and what the program offers, visit the CTOM Website.

To apply, applicants must fill out an application and receive a nomination. Both are due September 2nd. For application tips and tricks, please watch the webinar below, hosted by the CTOM Program Manager, Rosie Talcott.