Announcing the Launch of our New CITE Resource Program with Google

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CITE & Google Workspace for Education & Google CA-DPA!

We are beyond excited to announce that CITE has a new Resource Program with Google, complete with a Google CA-DPA, available to CA LEAs!

Google for Education LogoNew CITE Resource Program - Supported by CDW Education!

After completing a thorough RFP, for the CITE & Google Workspace for Education (GWE) Resource Program, we have awarded the program support to CDW Education!

The program will offer CA LEAs deep discounts on Google Workspace for Education, along with additional services at no additional cost. These packaged discounts along with our service model are unique to the CITE & Google Program serviced by CDW Education.

CDW-G Education LogoCITE, Google & CDW Education are excited to officially kick off the CITE & Google Workspace for Education program! Contact your CDW Education rep or use the email address below TODAY to get your quote!

Data Privacy Agreement for Google Workspace for Education

Privacy is built into our Resource Programs and the new Google Workspace for Education offering is no different. CITE has worked with Google over the past few years to negotiate terms and after much back and forth with legal and staff we are proud to provide CA LEAs with a CA-DPA. 

To preview the negotiated terms of the CA-DPA with Google you can visit Google CA-DPA - Exhibit H. 

Important Information About Exhibit E – General Offer of Terms

Google has agreed to sign this CA-DPA with all requesting CA LEAs, however, we will not offer a traditional Exhibit E – General Offer of Terms. Google will be facilitating the signing of the Google CA-DPA with each LEA.  

How to Execute your Google CA-DPA

To execute your LEA’s Google CA-DPA, simply ask your assigned Google for Education representative. If you do not know your Google rep, please reach out to

Your Google rep will provide a form to fill out with your information.  It may take up to 4 weeks to complete your request. CA-NDPA signature will be processed via docusign. Please note that CITE, Google and our attorneys have worked on this DPA for quite some time and no negotiation or further redlining will be accepted by Google.  

If you have any further questions about the CA-NDPA, please reach out to the team at CITE. ( 

If you are a Privacy Services user, simply make the request in the Privacy Services portal as you normally would, and your rep will begin the process for you.

If you have any further questions about the CA-NDPA, please reach out to the team at CITE. ( 

Visit the CITE & Google Workspace for Education Web Page