California Educational Technology Professionals Association is now California IT in Education

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California Educational Technology Professionals Association

is now California IT in Education

Mission: To Lead, develop, and support technologists in education organizations to foster student success.

November 19, 2019 (Sacramento, CA) The California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) has changed its name to California IT in Education (CITE). After months of research and member feedback, CITE’s Board of Directors made the bold decision to change the name. This effort was made so the organization can remain relevant and improve member benefits by focusing on IT Professionals at all levels of IT. The core values, mission, and vision of the organization remain the same.

CITE provides high quality resources, professional learning, and a strong support community to members. CITE was established in 1960 as the California Educational Data Processing Association (CEDPA). In 2003, the name was changed to California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA).

“Our new name better identifies who our members are and helps us stay relevant as we enter our 60th year. The members’ responses to the rebrand work has helped us prioritize what our members want from the organization, including resources for all levels of IT, support for regional groups, and a strong community that can share information quickly and easily with each other,” said CITE Executive Director Andrea Bennett.

Educational Technology has become an outdated term as technology is now ubiquitous in education and is simply a tool to be used in best teaching and learning practices. As technologists who are used to change, CITE hopes the newest name will clearly identify who we are and instill even more pride in our members.

CITE’s rebrand efforts will continue through 2020 with new logos and colors to give the organization a fresh and modern look. You will continue to see CETPA in various places as we prepare for a full rebrand by our 2020 conference in Santa Clara, CA.

About CITE
California IT in Education (CITE) is a non-profit membership-based California organization. The association brings almost 60 years of dedicated service to its members with activities that aim to improve the public education system within the State of California through strategic partnerships, advocacy, a strong community, and recognized leadership.

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