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CITE Member Discount Program

CITE has several types of programs, with many being available to both nonmembers and members. The CITE Discount Program is one that is for members only. We work directly with the vendor to develop an offering that benefits our members.

CITE Member Discount Programs are for simple offerings and are a partnership between the company and CITE. A CITE Discount Program offering should be very simple for CITE Members to understand. For example, the company can offer a flat rate discount on some or all products or can offer special additions or services. The offering must be well-defined.

Only CITE Members can utilize the benefit of a CITE Discount Program and CITE will assist in the verification process. Vendors interested in offering an official CITE Member Discount Program must first be a CITE sponsor through our Corporate Affiliate Program (CAP) at the Petabyte or Exabyte levels. Once the program is established, the company may offer the discounts to all customers and if member verification is required, CITE will assist. Our current programs are listed below. To learn more, please e-mail 

Current Discount Programs

ManagedMethodsDigitalscepterFireFly EducationThreatDownVeeam

How CITE Member Discount Programs Differ from CITE Resource Programs

CITE currently has Resource Programs with Microsoft/Softchoice, Veeam/Softchoice, and Google/CDWG. 

CITE Resource Programs are for more complex offerings and are a collaborative between the company (ie. Microsoft), CITE and a Reseller (Softchoice) to provide an easy and efficient purchasing process and to ensure excellent support.

A CITE Resource Program offering should be the best value for the California K-12 customers and a step above any other offering an LEA can acquire in the open market. This can be accomplished by having a lower pricing point, and/or additional support and service at no additional charge to customers of the program, or both.

CITE Resource Programs are available statewide, meaning all California local education agencies (LEAs) can utilize the benefits of the CITE Resource Program. No CITE membership is required. CITE plays a larger role with Resource Programs by meeting with the company and the reseller regularly to ensure the offering is valuable and that the customers are getting the service needed.

CITE heavily promotes the program through online and live events and gathers feedback from those using the program to continue to improve. You can see more information about our Resources Programs by clicking on the Resources tab on the website. 

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For more information on Resource Programs, please contact