Member Program

Falco is Digital Scepter’s flagship firewall monitoring service for Palo Alto Networks firewalls. School districts that are CITE members can sign up and receive all the benefits of Falco Lite:

  • Continuous monitoring of the Palo Alto Networks firewall configuration against best practices
  • Monthly automated reports

By monitoring the firewall configuration on a regular basis, CITE members can more easily meet the CIS Security control 11 to maintain safe configurations as well as keep tabs on how the firewall is configured to best protect your district. The goal is to enable CITE members to get the most out of their firewall investments.

How it works:
Upon registering your interest, Digital Scepter will onboard your firewall(s) into their security monitoring platform. You'll then receive automated reports monthly that include tips on fixing the issues that are found.

Fill out the form here to register: