CITE Conference Approval Tips

Familiarize yourself with the conference content and layout. 

Before discussing the conference with your superior, you will want to familiarize yourself with the sessions, provided meals, and events available that best align with your organization’s objectives or your personal development. When exploring our conference agenda, ask yourself: what are my short-term and long-term goals? Then find if there is content that will help you reach those goals. You can find the 2023 conference agenda here. 

You will also want to point out these key details: 

    • The CITE conference has been running for 63 years! This goes to show you the level of quality you can expect. 

    • We feature speakers and presenters from all demographics at our conference, including a DEIB lunch and hosted sessions. 


Create a sample agenda with a list of workshops and sessions you’d like to attend. 

Showing your director an example of the learning opportunities will give a fuller picture of what you can take back to your LEA. Be sure to include a brief but specific explanation of why each session and event is important.  

Here is an example for our DEIB Lunch:

“Attending the DEIB Lunch aligns with our department’s goal to be generative members of the racial and gender equity ecosystem. As a participant in this session, I will learn more about the intersections of gender, racial equity, and how that can advance our IT department's work in education. I will also learn how to create space and opportunities for more people to join our department and grow as valuable members of our team.” 


Outline your top three reasons for attending CITE’s Annual conference. 

Your supervisor will want to know why this conference is worth attending. Here are some example statements that you can use to share with your higher ups to show the impact that our conference will offer you: 

  1. The CITE conference is built around their members! The sessions are chosen by a committee of CITE members and the Keynote Speakers are fan favorites each year.  

  1. Most of our sessions are hosted by our members who are very knowledgeable on many topics and will share what works for them at their LEA. You will get to hear real success stories that you can take back and apply to your projects. 

  1. The CITE Conference has approximately 1500 attendees and is a great opportunity for networking and getting to connect with IT professionals from all over the state of California. 


Send a formal request letter to your superior to showcase your reasons for attending.  

By sending a compelling formal request letter, your superior will be able to make an informed decision which will hopefully lead to acceptance of attending our conference. You can use the tips we’ve given you to fill in your letter. Be sure to include how the CITE conference will benefit you and your organization, as well as any current initiatives that are relevant to you that we present at our conference and your top three reasons for attending. 


We hope these steps help you clearly communicate how valuable this conference can be for you and your employees. We can’t wait to see you at conference!  

If you have any questions, please reach out to