Resources for Technologists

Digital Divide Toolkit


Sample Language for Updating District Cabinet Members and Boards on Pandemic Progress

Distance Learning Technology Update
Device Distribution Update

LTE Technology Overview

This presentation provides an overview of LTE technology for those considering an infrastructure project.

Source: Cable AML

System Understanding of LTE in Public and Private Operations for Broadcasters

This presentation describes limitations and considerations for LTE networks.

Source: Cable AML

Imperial Valley Telecommunications Authority (IVTA) El Centro Network Map

Sample school district network map for joint powers authority local LTE network.

Source: IVTA

Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Assessment Tool

This Excel file helps to estimate the TCO of equipment purchased for new equipment and infrastructure. Note: the model does not include potential LTE network revenue from cross-agency use.

Source: CoSN

CoSN TCO Tool: Example

This is a completed example of the TCO tool.

Source: CoSN