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Adding an Agreement as the Originating LEA

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Add an agreement with a Subscriber

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Adding Other Type of Agreements

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CSPA Library

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Student Privacy Roadmap PNG (337.47 KB) Administration 1/21/2021
Resource Vetting Process PDF (1.67 MB) Administration 8/24/2020
Student Privacy Literacy PPTX (12.46 MB) Administration 12/2/2019
CSPA Presentation March 2019.pptx PPTX (17.85 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Join the CSPA.mp4 MP4 (13.89 MB) Administration 7/13/2020
Sample Template - Parental Consent Form DOCX (18.19 KB) Administration 3/19/2020
Steps To Compliance.pdf PDF (50.27 KB) Administration 4/15/2019
Agreement Types.mp4 MP4 (22.63 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Blank App Matrix.xlsx XLSX (70.09 KB) Administration 4/15/2019
CSPA Intro (for Techs).mp4 MP4 (15.33 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
CSPA Intro (for Teachers).mp4 MP4 (22.78 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Sample Responses DOCX (155.48 KB) Administration 12/2/2019
App Vetting Process.mp4 MP4 (23 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
App Request Diagram.pptx PPTX (297.8 KB) Administration 4/15/2019
What is the SDPC.mp4 MP4 (28.16 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Apple Compliance and Agreement PDF (891.02 KB) (This is the F3 opinion letter and a copy of Apple's agreement.) Administration 4/1/2019
Onboarding Guide PDF (1.94 MB) Administration 10/14/2018
How To Videos Link  (See these short videos to help you with the registry site) Administration 10/13/2018
Pause Before You Post Video Link  (Show this video to your teachers to help them understand social media)*broken link Administration 10/13/2018
Ask Before You App Video Link  (Show this to your teachers to help them understand the 5 key points to consider before downloading an app) Administration 10/13/2018
CSDPA Agreement PDF (456.94 KB) Administration 1/10/2020
CSDPA V2 Visual Comparison (1).pdf PDF (522.42 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
CSDPA Public Presentation April 2017.pptx PPTX (4.72 MB) Administration 9/23/2018
Instructions for Online Recommendation Form.pdf PDF (555.65 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
Welcome to CSPA v 5.15.18.pdf PDF (1.91 MB) Administration 9/23/2018
CSPA Training Slides.pptx PPTX (4.19 MB) Administration 7/25/2018
CETPA CSPA FAQ v3.pdf PDF (483.48 KB) Administration 7/25/2018