Regional Group Requirements

CITE Regional Group Requirements:

  • The purpose and goals of the regional group should be consistent with the CITE mission and vision.
  • Regional group officers must be CITE educational members.
  • Participants of the CITE regional group do not need to be CITE Educational Members.
  • The regional group must be sustainable.
  • The regional group will be open to all K-20 educational technologists in the region.
  • CITE affiliate members and other vendors may attend, but only by invitation, and they will not have access to the regional group listserv.
  • Selection of vendor/presenters will be made based on the current interests and needs of group participants. Member surveys can be very helpful in this regard.
  • The regional group will include a CITE Update section on their meeting agenda to provide members with information about the Annual Conference and other CITE initiatives.
  • Regional groups are invited to participate in a regional meeting at the CITE Annual Conference.
  • The regional group will have a minimum of 4 Meetings per Year.
  • The regional group will provide the CITE Membership Committee with regional meeting dates and locations.
  • Regional group officers will participate in periodic conversations with the CITE Membership Committee other regional group officers to help improve, sustain and grow CITE’s regional focus. These may be held in person or via telephone or video conference.

Process of starting the regional group:

  • Download and complete the Regional Group Application Form by clicking the button below.
  • Send application to the CITE Membership Committee.
  • Membership Committee reviews the application and will contact the applicant for clarification as necessary.
  • Application will be sent to the CITE Board for final approval.
  • Approval notification will be sent to applicant by membership committee upon receipt of group’s 1st year meeting calendar.

Regional Group Library

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CITE Regional Group Operating Guidelines PDF (133.66 KB) Administration 1/11/2021
CITE Regional and Interest Group Application PDF (141.14 KB) Administration 6/25/2021
2019 All Regional Group Meeting PPTX (15.31 MB) Administration 12/2/2019