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Guardian 365: Cybersecurity Mastery - Risk to Resilience

Guardian 365: Cybersecurity Mastery - Risk to Resilience

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)


Event Details

Forsyte Guardian 365 invites you to explore the secrets of securing your K12 environment with Folsom Cordova USD and learn how they are maintaining security best practices. Cybersecurity Operations for K12 can be challenging - Join us to hear valuable insights, strategies, and practical tips for safeguarding your institution with our speakers. We'll discuss:

  1. Around-the-Clock MXDR: Discover how Guardian 365 empowers K12 institutions across California. From proactive threat detection to real-time alert investigation and remediation.
  2. MXDR & Cyber Insurance: Learn how to achieve robust security while keeping your budget intact.
  3. CITE Spotlight: Hear Folsom Cordova USD's journey to best practice security with Guardian 365.


  • Chris Irwin, Chief Technology Officer - Forsyte Guardian 365
  • David Stone, Director of Network and IT - Folsom Cordova USD
  • LeeAnn "Chilli" Childers, Sr. Network Engineer - Folsom Cordova USD

Event Link will be posted once available.

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Crystal Ibarra
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