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Education Outcome Area Working Group Meeting

Tuesday, February 14, 2023
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (PST)

Event Details

The California Department of Technology is creating our state’s digital equity plan and needs input from government agencies, nonprofits, experts, practitioners, funders, researchers, community organizers and California residents from every corner of the state. Once complete, the plan will support programs to help give Californians the access they need.

Join an Outcome Area Working Group meeting to help close the digital divide in your community. Working groups will help uncover actionable solutions to create digital equity for ALL Californians.

We look forward to engaging with you to learn about your unique experience and barriers to accessing reliable, affordable internet, devices, and digital literacy training for you and/or your organizations.

The Education Outcome Area Working Group Meeting will convene subject matter experts and practitioners to develop strategies that align with SDEP priorities, through the lens of the digital equity barriers of the eight covered populations.

The eight covered populations include:
1. Individuals living in covered households with income at or below 150% Federal Poverty Level
2. Aging individuals (60+)
3. Incarcerated individuals
4. Veterans
5. Individuals with disabilities
6. Individuals with language barriers
including individuals who are English learners and have low levels of literacy
7. Members of a racial or ethnic minority group
8. Individuals who primarily reside in rural areas