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Luis Alejandro Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Imperial County Office of Education

Educational Member

Member Since: 2015

Professional Bio

Luis Wong is the Chief Executive Officer for the California K-12 High Speed Network (K12HSN) where he oversees and coordinates the participation of K-12 schools in the California Research and Education Network. In his role, Luis works very closely with County Offices of Education and school districts across the State to ensure the network can provide reliable capacity for teaching and learning. In 2014, the California State Legislature approved one-time grant funds to the K12HSN to connect approximately 400 unserved and underserved schools in rural California so they could participate in the new online computer assessments. Luis also collaborates with various committees across the state to address issues of reliable network access, cybersecurity and professional development opportunities for network administrators. In Imperial County, Luis oversees the operation of a high-speed self-provisioned fiber optic network which connects over 120 community anchor institutions with dark fiber. This collaborative is now expanding network capabilities and piloting a self-provision private LTE network (using EBS spectrum) to serve the community at large. Luis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in Telecommunications and has over 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure and high-speed networking. Luis is also a certified California Chief Technology Officer and graduated with honors in 2011.


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