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Joshua Holmes

Director of Networking, Information and Data Systems

Fullerton School District

Educational Team 30+

Professional Bio

Joshua Holmes is the Director of Networking, Information and Data Sytems at Fullerton School District, a TK-8th, 21-site local education agency within Orange County that consist of over 12,000 students and 1,500 staff. With over 23 years of experience working in Information Technology, he oversees the district’s highest level of technical experts. He supports and enhances teacher instruction and student learning by not only taking the lead in the success of new technology implementations but ensuring the network infrastructure is robust, reliable, and secure.

Joshua became CITE Certified Chief Technology Officer in November 2019. He was recognized for outstanding leadership and awarded the 2017-18 ACSA Classified Administrator of the year. He has dedicated himself to fostering a positive environment within his team, staff, and students, always able to find a glimmer of light even in the darkest figurative rooms. He is driven by a genuine desire to motivate and develop the full potential of others. He has been able to build autonomous teams of resilient, inspired leaders by investing in individual relationships and cultivating a growth mindset culture.

Whether he is volunteering in the community, exploring innovative technology, enjoying sports, or just tenaciously playing a board game, Joshua’s fun-natured collaborative attitude allows him to be approachable and relatable to all those he encounters. He aspires to inspire by setting his best example by word and deed.


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2018 (ACSA) Classified Administrator of the year