Alertus Grants Program

The Alertus Grants Program was created to help reduce barriers for organizations that want to establish or enhance their emergency preparedness strategies. CITE is partnering with Alertus to create an opportunity for a district in California to improve their emergency preparedness program.

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Alertus will provide a comprehensive emergency preparedness system complete with software and hardware to one qualified* member of the National School Boards Association. The estimated total value ranges up to $75,000 depending on the size and needs of the chosen school.

*Eligibility requirements below

Included in this package will be:

  • Software: Alertus Desktop Notification, Threatwatcher, and Mobile Applications
  • Hardware: Up to 30 Alert Beacons (one per school) and 4 Activation Buttons (for District Level)
  • Support: 3 Years of unlimited support and unlimited licensing; 4 Implementation Hours

The estimated total value of the Alertus Grant package ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 depending on the size and needs of the chosen organization.


  • Alertus Technologies agrees to donate one emergency preparedness system to a member of the Partner Association and assist in providing the criteria used to select winning applicants.
  • The Partner Association can offer the Alertus Grant to their member network and organize the independent screening and scoring of applicants.
  • The Partner Association will provide Alertus with their choice based off of an impartial scoring rubric.
  • Alertus and the Partner Association will present the award at the agreed-upon occasion.
  • Grant recipients will be responsible for installing the hardware using their internal staff or preferred local installation company. Alertus can help to connect with partners regarding additional support as needed.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Non-Profit Status - Applicants must be a registered non-profit organization or a government entity such as a school, library or public agency.

Application Questions

  1. What has your organization done previously to prepare for emergency situations? Have you used a mass notification system before and what was your experience? Please describe both successes and struggles with previous systems.
  2. What is the current state of your emergency preparedness program (total dedicated staff, infrastructure, budget)? Please include an assessment of your unmet needs as well as physical, social, environmental and economic vulnerabilities.
  3. Explain which needs you are hoping to address immediately and why you would not be able to meet these needs without a grant opportunity.
  4. How would the Alertus Grant help you to improve your organization’s emergency preparedness plan? Please estimate the number of FTE and community members that will be impacted.
  5. If all budgetary obstacles were removed, how would you equip your organization to be a disaster-resilient community? What types of systems, software, and or hardware would you need to create the safest place for your community members?


Apply between May 24, 2021 and August 31st, 2021

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For questions regarding this grant, please email

The 2020 Alertus Grant was awarded to Terra Bella Union Elementary District.